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Thank you so much for everything! Confluence has become such a huge part of my Cleveland life – I have no idea what I would have done without it! Thank you for your continuous encouragement and support while I’ve been here; it has mad living away from school and home so much easier. I am noticeably stronger than when I started both in spin and yoga. I have loved every second of being a part of the Confluence family. I will visit whenever I am in the area!

I wanted to write you a note to thank you for your guidance while practicing yoga over these past few months. You’ve helped me realize my own strength and confidence, and I have enjoyed your teaching more than I can say. You’ve changed my life by getting me hooked on yoga, and I can’t thank you enough!

… I am loving it! They are great with beginning spinners, but it has immediately provided a great experience! Cardio, followed by yoga, is a combination that everyone should experience! And the small details of cold lavender towels, and lavender neck massage at the end of practice, make this place extra special! I feel lucky to have found it!

Cool studio. Cool instructors. Leanne and Bert are chill too 🙂 No membership fees. Flexible plan and varied schedule so that I can at least attend once a weekend.

Try it–this studio has amazing teachers and classes, beautiful energy and offers a supportive and non-competitive environment.

A beautiful space + great light + friendly clientele + fabulous workouts. I don’t naturally love exercise, but I do love the combination of spinning and yoga here. The studio experience has me feeling well known and cared for by the terrific staff, not to mention nourished by conversations with other clients, some of whom I can now call friends.

I went in this evening to give the yoga with Leanne a shot. I’ll make a long story short. I will be returning. The instructor was so very welcoming, the studio gorgeous and the entire hour passed before I knew it. Definitely a wonderful experience!

Fun energy with nice people.

Love coming. We cover so much in just one hour. Can’t wait to go back.

Angelo was fun, energetic, and helpful (especial for a first time spinner like me!).

Leanne is the best teacher. So positive and energetic.

I love Confluence! The studio became my home away from home while I was in the Cleveland area this past year. I became so much stronger physically and mentally through spin and yoga classes. Leanne and Bert have created a supportive, welcoming environment that I would highly recommend!

I had occasion recently to take a restorative yoga class with Marcia Hudgel at Confluence. It was a deepening, revitalizing experience that included essential oil to enhance relaxation and opening. The owners of this studio are warm, welcoming, and inclusive. They’ve taken care to create a fitness environment that is inviting, comfortable, and beautiful. I highly recommend experiencing Confluence for yourself!

I love you guys! I can’t believe what you’ve done for my body already!

Just finished my “[Yoga sculpt] class this morning I think it is a really nice way to balance out a yoga practice and maintain strong muscles and body awareness both of which are really important at any point in your life.” And I simply love this studio and the Leanne is a stupendous instructor. All of the teacher at Confluence Studio are extremely nice, cordial, polite and most all make sure that all of your needs are accomplished. I look forward going to every class.

I have been going to Confluence for several years, over which time the studio has changed names a few times (previously Buddhaful Spin, then Spynga Flows, now Confluence). Don’t be thrown off by the new name though, the classes are still the same!

I love the classes that are half spin and half yoga. The spin portion is a great workout and the yoga part is a great way to stretch out and relax. One extra touch that I love when I go to Leanne’s classes is that she hands out moistened towels scented with lavender to cool you down.. And then at the end of the yoga session, Leanne will massage your neck for a few seconds with lavender-scented lotion. It’s delightful!

I love this place! I like to exercise and at Confluence the schedule varies everyday and keeps me engaged. The instructors are great and make it fun to do the exercise whether it is yoga or cycling or circuit training. If you haven’t tried this place yet, you should get there asap!

Disclosure: I’m a teacher here. But before I was a teacher, I was a student. The spinning was what got me here, then I got hooked on yoga. This community of caring, fun and hard-working people who love spinning and yoga are why I stayed and why I’m still here. If you want to experience true exercise community come on up, grab a class pack (lots of great first-timer offers) and dig in. See you on the bikes! P.S. The owners Bert & Leanne are THE BEST!

I came one day for a great workout and three years later it is still one of my favorite places. Love the warm sense of community Bert and Leanne have created. Whether it’s spin or yoga, instructors are all awesome with musical tastes to match.

This is the best workout studio I have ever found! The people there are the best! They push you hard, but make you feel comfortable and at home! I started going to classes a year ago and still love it! Also the combination of spinning and yoga is the perfect yin and yang workout! This is a studio for people of all levels and backgrounds! You will get a great workout that is good for you body and soul! You will likely make some new friends in the process! Do your self a favor and check it out!

I love this studio, it is warm and encouraging and at the same time both energizing and electric! The owners of the studio are genuinely the definition of awesome, they are there to help new folks out every step of the way. You will not regret a workout at confluence, whether is cycle or yoga or a combo of the two, you will leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, and renewed.

Confluence is truly my “exercise family”. Bert and Leanne are so supportive and encouraging. They always say “no judgments”. You can be any level and feel great getting a strong workout.

Anyone looking for a warm, welcoming studio to grow stronger physically and emotionally, this is the place! The space is beautiful, filled with lots of natural light, and perfectly situated above the hustle and bustle of Coventry. The owners, Bert and Leanne, are incredibly kind, genuine people who aren’t afraid to push their students physically – AND they practice what they preach.

I started off as a student here, and now teach yoga on Sunday nights, so I can attest to the power of this vibrant community!

I love Confluence! Ive been coming for a few years, there is nothing like the Spinning and Yoga combination!! The instructors are patient, the classes are intimate and you don’t feel like you’re in a “big box” gym. If you are looking for a great place to get in shape, this is it! Super cute studio in Cleveland Heights!

If you’ve been looking for a yoga spot in Cleveland Heights, you’re in luck! I’d come in on a whim early in 2016 and fell in love after my first class. Leanne and Bert are some of the best people you’ll meet. The classes I’ve participated in are great for all levels. I tend to stick more to the yoga end of things, but the spin / yoga classes that I have participated in have been incredibly rewarding as well. Come on in and prepare for happiness! Absolutely love this studio!

Confluence has the most amazing and exciting classes! I love the classes that integrate both cycling followed by an additional form of fitness. My favorites are the classes with cycling followed by circuit training (which includes a full body workout). I especially love the cycling followed by a restorative yoga session, which really helps me stretch out my tight muscles and makes me feel calm and relaxed at the end of the session. Ending on such a positive note, always motivates me to attend more sessions. All the trainers are super amazing and experienced. My friend and I usually go together, with both of us being in the medical field it can be challenging to find time to work out, but confluence has so many classes to offer and makes the workout fun so we really feel motivated to always go back!

Finally visited Confluence in Coventry this Saturday, what took me so long! Loved the spin session, I think I found my new favorite workout, plus the post spin yoga session was the perfect stretch and yoga practice for someone like me whose mind tends to wander easily I can’t wait to go back!

I dropped in for a cycle + weights class while I was visiting family in Cleveland Heights. Julie was so welcoming and focused on alignment. Beautiful space, bright and clean! Highly recommended!

Beautiful studio and great atmosphere. The instructors are welcoming and helpful. Spin classes are challenging, and even though I don’t do yoga, I’ve always felt comfortable in the yoga part of the spin/yoga class. It’s a unique combination that provides a nice balance of getting your heart rate way up then cooling down and calming down.

Confluence is the perfect setting for working out and relaxing in a peaceful and supportive environment. Leanne and Bert are wonderful people who truly care about their clients physical and emotional well-being. My wife, Miriam, goes almost daily (sometimes twice) and it has become central to her daily routine, helping her remain in great shape, while addressing the needs of the whole person. Highly recommended.

I am grateful for Confluence and the wonderful classes and teachers. I already feel a positive change overall, and my body is better today than yesterday. Thank you for welcoming me back “home.”

Confluence is an amazing studio with great instructors, classes and atmosphere. I have dropped in on several classes over the past 3 years and always had a positive experience. Although I’ve not been in the same shape each time, I found the classes to be challenging and easy to modify if necessary (due to health and flexibility issues). Bert and Leanne are exceptionally warm, inviting and helpful. If you’re looking for a good experience without the madness of a big gym, this is the place for you!

My sister lives in the area and has been trying to get me to attend a class with her for over a month now, raving about Confluence. Needless to say I gave in and the Trifecta class was my first experience. Although the class description of 45 min of each made me a little tentative the moment I stepped into the studio I was hooked. The staff was extremely helpful and attentive to setting me up on my bike and making me feel comfortable. The instructors were not only knowledgeable and encouraging but each class had an intimacy that I felt a part of. What impressed me the most was the sense of community and friendships I was witness to. On top of a great workout, the staff and participants truly make this a unique and special studio. I can see why people keep coming back for more.

I have now gone twice to Yoga Sculpt, and I love it! The studio is peaceful and calming and the class is wonderful. It combines yoga with weights and core work, which is exactly what I was looking for– thank you for getting me jumpstarted for 2017.

Beautiful and calm studio environment, friendly and welcoming. I took a yoga class here — I’m not a regular practitioner, but it was just what I was looking for — good pacing, the right amount of challenge, and I felt great afterwards. I’ll be back!

Amazing Yoga Sculpt class with Leanne. Super nice, peaceful and tough workout.

I had a really great time at one of their spin classes last week! Not only are they a lot of fun but they are a great workout that you feel awesome when you walk out. The instructors and team are super friendly. Confluence is a great addition to the Coventry neighborhood.

Confluence on Coventry Rd in Cleveland Hts is a great place to go for an indoor spinning class, followed by Yoga. The spin classes offered are great for many different ability levels. If you are a beginner or average outdoor cyclist, or a competitive triathlete, you can find a spin class to go to at Confluence. The teachers can push you hard, but there is always room for individual adjustments in difficulty. Stay for yoga, to gradually lower your heart rate, & stretch already-warm muscles. Nice, friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere, too!

Went to Confluence for the first time and it was also my first time doing yoga. Was an amazing time and great work out. Definitely motivated me to attend again!

What an amazing experience!

I had my very first spin class here a few weeks ago…and it was an awesome experience. Leanne kicked my butt, but never made me feel intimidated. I came back a few days later and had a very educational (and also butt kicking…) class with Bert. They treat you like family before they even know you!

I noticed an ad for a Confluence cycling and yoga on Facebook Friday night… And went on Saturday morning and try a class… I think it’s everything I’ve been looking for… The hard work of cycling and the stretch of yoga. What a perfect combination. By itself that combination is unique and fabulous…But this studio has more than that going for it. The owners are warm and friendly and create a really easy access, there’s some small little thoughtfulness that just leave you feeling like you might’ve found a new “workout-being” home.

The classes are intimate, the instructors are great… And the place is really convenient. Their website really fills you in about the parking situation and how to get a parking app for the garage down the street… Which makes parking really easy . This place feels a little bit like Nirvana to me… Hits my sweet spot.

Had a great workout even though I’m new to cycling. Didn’t even mind getting there early for 6:30 AM Thur. class followed by yoga. Will return when I’m back in Cleveland. Great way to start the day! I look forward to visiting grandkids & exercising with my daughter, too.

I’ve never done yoga before. Today I attended my very first yoga class taught by Markeeta Davis and I am very happy with the how it went. Markeeta made me feel very comfortable and the staff I met were friendly. Markeeta teaches an evening class every Tuesday and Thursday and if my schedule allowed it I’d make every one! I’ll be back.

I have been taking yoga classes for several years now, I really enjoyed my Tuesday night class with Katie!  It was a cozy environment, everybody was encouraging, and it went at the perfect pace for all levels. Will be back soon.

I just returned from a spectacular 7-day cycling trip in Nova Scotia. This was the first time I’ve done such a trip. I’m an avid indoor cyclist so I was keen to put into practice everything I’ve learned from Bert and other instructors at Confluence on proper form, breathing and other tips for road biking. I can’t tell you how many times I channeled Bert’s words of wisdom while climbing hills, gaining speed, and battling the elements in this stunning Canadian province. Thanks guys!

Pilates is new to me so the mixture of spin/pilates made me a little nervous. I love trying new workouts and Confluence definitely didn’t disappoint me! The spin class was awesome and had me drenching in sweat the Pilates made me realize that I was much stronger then I first thought. All in all the entire workout bought out the strength in me and I was very pleased with the entire studio! I’ll definitely be back.

What a great class! It kept my heart pumping and then relaxed me with Pilates. My first time taking 2 in one class and it worked out very well. I must say I am also impressed with the ambience of the place. Very calm and relaxing. The instructor is very kind and motivational. It is also located in a great area.

The yoga classes I have attended have been an amazing experience. As I am new to yoga, I am trying out the different classes offered. Each one sets different objectives/goals, allowing you to learn and better your practice. Also, the instructors are all welcoming and helpful. I will continue to go here!

If you are looking for a complete workout, talented instructors, all in a very casual and friendly environment, Confluence is your place!

I totally love my morning workout in the Yoga Sculpt and Confluence circuit classes! I feel great after it and it definitely get my body in shape!

Great gym, great people (Tuesday night yoga with Katie C. is the best)! Stayed with them for 7 months (moving back home), cycling and yoga! was great! Leanne and Bert are very welcoming and take good care of everybody.

Thanks for welcoming me to the studio. You guys have created a wonderful atmosphere!

i love the atmosphere and instructors. also i enjoy the variety of cardio with strength and stretching. this makes for a great complete workout!

I’ve been going to the Confluence (combined cycling and yoga) classes for the past few months and they’re a lot of fun! The instructors choose great music, are very supportive and I always leave the studio feeling exhausted but happy.

Love the mixture of spinning then yoga. It’s great energy and I felt very comfortable and supported as a new student!

Thanks Confluence for helping me get closer to my fitness goals!!!

Great hidden gem in Coventry Village. Very supportive, warm atmosphere to get a good workout and stay fit. There are a variety of indoor cycling/yoga classes offered which make it fun, and the studio is beautiful. I’m really glad a friend introduced me to Confluence!

I had the awesome gift of winning a 5 class pass at Confluence. I loved going to Maddy’s Happy Hour Quick Wheel class! Perfect time right after work, good music, and a hard workout! I also went to one of Bert’s Circuit classes – great pace and very knowledgeable! I’ll be back 🙂

I love Maddy’s Happy Hour Quick Wheel on Monday & Wednesday’s! She has so much energy and always has great playlists. Confluence itself is so cute and is such a good find! The owners are great, too. I highly recommend this studio!!!

Such a chill place to get a workout and get your adrenaline pumping. Cheerful and fun instructors with an excellent sense of humor and vigor.

I wanted to try spinning again but wasn’t sure how to get back into it. I called Confluence and talked to Bert. He spent time explaining the various classes and advised me on which would be best to start with. When I arrived at the studio Bert and Leanne were so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. The instructor Maddy was so friendly and helped get the bike adjusted for me. Her class was great. I will definitely be back.

I had a fabulous experience! The instructor was gentle and soothing, the practice was well-guided and the studio was clean. I’ll definitely be back!

Confluence is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. They’re truly a judgement-free zone where you can come as you are. Instructors are friendly and able to help meet you where you are with modifications to make things easier or more challenging. If you’ve been thinking about checking them out – Do it! You’ll be glad you did!

Loved the combination of spin followed by yoga! Felt amazing. Instructors were excellent. Studio beautiful and clean. Will be back. Thank you!

Great experience. Cycling and yoga together is a good match.

First time trying a bike and yoga session together, the 30-minute session each refreshed my body, Bert was very helpful and considerate as my instructor! I will definitely come back to try other morning classes!

I participated in a 2-hour spin class today with awesome instructor, Michelle. She made it so much fun, the time just flew! The studio is great…welcoming, super chill environment, really nice people, cool place. And the chair massage from Whitney after class was perfect!

Such a great experience! I did the 30/30 class, which is half cycle and half yoga. The studio was clean and welcoming, the instructor was very friendly and it was a solid workout!

I took my first class at confluence a few days ago and loved it. We did 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes of strength training which left me feeling like I got a well rounded workout. I’ll be back for sure!

Confluence is a wonderful place! I was originally nervous (and a bit intimidated) to try cycling, but it was a great experience. I went to the free intro to cycling where Bert helped me figure out the correct settings for the bike and what a regular class would be like. But even without the intro to cycling class, it would’ve been fine – everyone is so welcoming and happy to help. The yoga classes are really great too! Wake Up Yoga and Yogassage are some of my favorites. I highly recommend Confluence!!!

Class was perfect! I took the 45 mins of cycling / 30 mins of yoga. I loved the combo and the instructor/owner of the studio Bert was really great. Genuine and took the time to explain things as it was my first cycling class. Good workout and good vibes! Will be going back 🤗

Great workouts, great people… this place!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Beautiful space. Fabulous owners.

I attended the Speed, Strength and Grace session on Monday, 5-27-19. I was a little concerned three classes back to back would be too much, but, to my surprise it was an amazing experience! It was just enough, and very interactive so you were able to make it your own workout and not be intimidated into pushing way beyond your limits. I felt like a million bucks upon leaving the studio! Great vibe, very friendly and knowledgeable staff/owners! I recommend Confluence Cycle and Yoga! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I really enjoyed my class at Confluence! The class I took was 45 min cycle and 30 min yoga. The cycle part was very challenging but worth it! The yoga was relaxing and a perfect way to end the class. Bert was a great instructor!

I attended my first yoga class at Confluence last Thursday and will definitely be returning! I took Yin and Vin: A fusion of Yin and Vinyasa with Markeeta. She is a great teacher and the class was a wonderful combination of both relaxation and workout.

Really enjoyed my first experience at Confluence! Bert was informative and attentive, making sure you’re being mindful of your movements the entire time. Would definitely recommend.

Beautiful space and lovely people!

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