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Who is Confluence?

An inspired trip on a bicycle is truly amazing and freeing; however, it is the confluence of any two engaging and challenging activities that produces an
extraordinary experience. The intensity of an indoor cycle class, balanced with the introspection of yoga, or the rewarding effort of a fitness circuit is a
reward beyond measure.

Welcome to our community.
Where, mind, body and spirit sync.

After experiencing the combination (or Confluence) of indoor cycling and yoga, and recognizing the magic of this combination and its magical potential, Leanne and Bert made a life-transforming decision to follow their passion and go into business to share their passion for cycling and yoga. Almost three years later our brand, Confluence, is a place of community, inspiration and motivation for many. We are truly thankful for this and your support.

Leading, facilitating and maintaining our community is a tremendous privilege and responsibility – something we take seriously. We pledge to you that we will always do what is best for you and our community. We will always move forward with an organic, honest and authentic effort. We will allow your results and your experiences at Confluence to speak for themselves.

If you have yet to visit our studio, we invite you to stop by and experience Confluence first hand.

Meet Your Instructors

Angelo LaPerna, Confluence Yoga

Angelo LaPerna

Julie Leddy, Confluence Yoga

Julie Leddy

Jackie Acho, Confluence Yoga

Jackie Acho

Kaite Colbaugh, Confluence Yoga and Cycle

Katie Colbaugh

Stephanie Sturzinger Confluence Cycle and Yoga

Stephanie Sturzinger

Hayleigh Robertson Confluence Cycle and Yoga

Hayleigh Robertson

Leanne Van Beers of Confluence Yoga

Leanne Werneke

Bert Van Beers of Confluence Yoga

Bert van Beers

Markeeta Davis

Markeeta Davis

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