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Dear Confluence Community,

The time has come for Leanne and I to say our fond farewell.  Effective January 15, 2021, we ceased to offer classes.

There is really no way that a letter can capture the magnitude of what is happening right now or the emotions we’ve experienced during our time with Confluence Cycle and Yoga.

Packing up this business that we’ve given our all to over the past six and a half years has been a practice of deep surrendering. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the depth of community support or an adequate number of clients to sustain our operation. Trying to navigate these obstacles during a global pandemic and social strife has made the process even more surreal and difficult.

The grief we feel around closing Confluence Cycle and Yoga is nothing compared to the fear, anger, and pain felt by our community during this period of uncertainty. Our hope is that we’ll all reflect on the time spent on our bikes and mats with fond memories of time spent amongst a community of friends.

In the midst of change, we are often shown what really matters. Confluence Cycle and Yoga was a beautiful community that provided a space for people to open their hearts and to create, to transform and to grow. Many lasting friendships grew out of this space. Now it’s time for change; listen to your hearts and communities, and to commit to action that is supportive to you and your community.  While our studio may be closed, you people who made it special should still do the work. Let us use this time as a chance for renewed commitment to walking the path of healing together, wellness and towards ending the strife that is so prevalent in our world.

What comes next is still unknown. We encourage you to continue forward on your own and individual path of wellness and fitness. As for us, we will be taking some space to figure out where we are needed most in the world.

We have and offer our most deep gratitude and respect to all of our devoted clients for their inspiration and support. Big love and extra heart to our instructors for their undying support of us, our students, and the Confluence Cycle and Yoga mission.  And to you all — a final deep bow to the incredible cycling and  yoga community for allowing us to be of service for all these years.  We’ll move on with great pride in knowing that this work has positively impacted hundreds of lives, and that its positive effects will continue to serve and ripple out into the world.

The light and love in us sees and honors the light and love in you. Keep on pedaling. Keep on breathing.

Leanne van Beers – Werneke and Bert van Beers

See what our student's are saying...

“I came one day for a great workout and three years later it is still one of my favorite places. Love the warm sense of community Bert and Leanne have created. Whether it’s spin or yoga, instructors are all awesome with musical tastes to match.” – Njoke

“I am grateful for Confluence and the wonderful classes and teachers. I already feel a positive change overall, and my body is better today than yesterday. Thank you for welcoming me back ‘home.'” – L. Jane

“I love this studio, it is warm and encouraging and at the same time both energizing and electric!” – Katie

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