Welcome to our community.
Where, mind, body and spirit sync.

Bert and Leanne are cyclists with more than 50 years of combined experience. They discovered the incredible combination of indoor cycling and yoga several years ago. Never having practiced yoga previously, they were blown away by the beauty and depth of a yoga practice, especially in concert with cycling.

Like Bert and Leanne, most of our instructors are experienced cyclists, so our aim at Confluence is to promote, develop and encourage good and proper form on a bicycle. We don’t teach cycling like a typical spinning studio. At Confluence, we ride with intensity and authenticity to develop strength, endurance and the ability to be your very best.

Confluence is a judgement free zone. We welcome everyone into our community – from those seeking a beginner’s yoga class to those with a more advanced practice. We would not be here without the supportive community of students, past and present, who come through our doors. We learn from them. They inspire us to be and do our best – for them!