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Bring Some Zen To Your World
Why come to Confluence?

At Confluence, we ride with intensity and authenticity to develop strength, endurance and the ability to be your very best. Also, we strive to bring an optimal, eye-opening experience on the yoga mat.

Confluence is a judgement free zone. We welcome everyone into our community – from those seeking a beginner’s yoga class to those with a more advanced practice to those who wish to step up their fitness on a bike.

We would not be here without the supportive community of students, past and present, who come through our doors. We learn from them. They inspire us to be and do our best – for them!

Check out our new student special! 5 classes for $50 to be used within 2 weeks of your first class. 

New students only, please.

Shannon O'Connor reviewed Confluence - 5 star - I really like Confluence (and not just because it's close to my house!). I love the mix of workouts available, and the studio is beautiful. The spinning bikes are well-maintained and the classes are challenging. I do not practice yoga but when I have taken a spin/yoga class there, I love that the instructors make me feel comfortable even though I'm not very good at it. Great atmosphere and a great workout!

Jennifer Galletti reviewed Confluence - 5 star- Confluence is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! The early morning classes work perfectly for my schedule. The studio is clean and comfortable and the instructors are all amazing. Everyone is so friendly here. There's no better way to wake up than with Wake up Yoga! Love it!!

Megan McConnell reviewed Confluence - 5 star -If you've been looking for a yoga spot in Cleveland Heights, you're in luck! I'd come in on a whim early in 2016 and fell in love after my first class. Leanne and Bert are some of the best people you'll meet. The classes I've participated in are great for all levels. I tend to stick more to the yoga end of things, but the spin / yoga classes that I have participated in have been incredibly rewarding as well. Looking forward to the new classes on offer! Come on in and prepare for happiness!
You're In The Right Place

The beauty of yoga and cycling is that it’s about making it your own and meeting and greeting your body exactly where it’s at. 

The beauty of Confluence is that all levels are welcome. 

There is no reason to feel intimidated here because we’ll guide and inspire you through this journey.

Our students come to us at all stages of their practice—from those who have never been on a mat/bike to those who have been practicing or riding for years. 

And although all of our instructors are experienced with working with brand new students, we also have offerings specifically tailored to new students. 

Wonderful classes that open your body and your life to this amazing practice, with no intimidation.

Following are a few things beginners should know about Confluence:
  •  We have mats available for you to use.
  •  Wear comfortable workout clothing.
  •  Bike, or athletic shoes for cycling.
  •  You'll be barefoot for yoga.
  •  Bring a bottle, we have water.
  •  Make it your own. Don't worry about what the person next to you is doing.
Ready To Get Started?
Confluence: Where activities meet

The confluence of indoor cycling and yoga creates a rejuvenating mind/body awareness.

Confluence Plus: Fully experience the joy, caloric consumption, strength development and endorphin release experienced during a longer and more intense effort. This 75-minute class is the ultimate yin-yang experience.

Confluence: Sometimes more isn’t always better. This 60-minute class is a perfect intro, without the prolonged effort; however, you will discover that time does fly by!

Confluence Circuit

Taking the combo concept to your whole body. After riding strongly, jump into a powerful full-body workout to build strength and create lean muscle mass.

Confluence Pilates

Another concept for your whole body. Ride like the wind for 45 minutes before your 30-minute mat-based Pilates workout. The combination of indoor cycling and Pilates will improve your heart, flexibility, and agility. Discover a sleek and toned body after this class!

Big Wheel

Let’s bring the outdoors inside. For an hour, we will develop a smooth round pedal style, while challenging ourselves over a variety of “terrain.” Pairing music to your journey will keep you motivated to challenge yourself on the ride ahead.

Quick Wheel

The little sibling of Big Wheel, but with the same benefits. Time flies. Have fun. Be strong!

Fluid Vinyasa Flow

A one hour dynamic, fluid moderately-paced class bringing together movement with breath, creating a more intense and athletic yoga practice. This challenging workout allows for many modifications to find your ideal practice. All levels welcome!

Grateful Yoga

We can all use a little more gratitude in our lives. Gratitude shifts our perspective and opens our hearts to receive the abundant gifts of the universe. Spend a few moments focusing on what we have been given and express gratitude through a strong yoga flow to create space for even more!

Power Vinyasa Flow

An invigorating vinyasa flow sprinkled with extended holds and slow, controlled movements intended to build strength and calm the mind. All levels, experience and bodies welcome!

Progressive Beginner’s Yoga

Learn to understand and connect with your body through the practice of yoga. We will cover the fundamental yoga postures focusing on alignment, technique, breathing patterns, and mindfulness – with the ultimate goal of moving forward and deeper into our practice. While designed for those who are new to yoga, this class is also great for experienced yogis who wish to practice fundamentals and deepen their practice.

Restorative Yoga

Center your breath and body. Nourish and relax your whole body. Comfort your mind and body down to the cellular level. This passive practice is the perfect antidote to help eliminate stress, tension and deactivate our fight-or-flight mode of living. 

Slow Power Vinyasa Flow

This steady-paced 60-minute vinyasa-based class is designed to both challenge you and give you room to explore and have fun. While this is an all-levels class, some basic knowledge of yoga and vinyasa flow is suggested.

Stretch & Strengthen Yoga

A 60-minute, slow-paced, all levels yoga class that combines stretching to warm up the body, breathing techniques, and a strong flow to strengthen the muscles.

Wake Up Yoga

Better than a cup of coffee. What better way to start your day than with a strong and steady vinyasa flow, connecting the breath mind and body. Focusing on proper alignment and breath will help us travel through our sequences, all the while listening to great music to keep you in the flow. All levels welcome.

Yoga Reconnect

Reconnect to your body, breath and spirit as you move through this medium-paced flow designed to open and strengthen your body, mind and heart.

Yoga Sculpt

Not your typical yoga class. We’ll incorporate yoga postures with added cardio, ab work and free weights to increase your heart rate and build power and strength.